We help parents raise teens to love and follow Jesus.

During the teen years, many parents feel like they lose their minds and sometimes their kids to the world. We help parents teach and model spiritual faithfulness, and we provide spaces for students to connect with each other and with adults from our church. The result? Teens following Jesus in the world by loving and serving others wherever they live, work, and play. Our student ministry is divided into Middle School and High School groups. 

Student Ministry Dates and Times

Sunday Morning Sunday School (following Worship)
Sunday Night Youth Group @ 5:30 PM
Wednesday Night Youth Group @ 6:00 PM


Nick Hughes
Director of Student Ministries

Summer 2022 RYM

By summer of 2022, our world will be over two years into the pandemic and two years into one of the most tumultuous seasons in modern history. Many have been left lonely, scared, angry, hurting, and hopeless. So what does God plan to do with all the hopelessness and brokenness around us? In Revelation 21:5, he gives a simple and powerful answer: “Behold, I am making all things new.” The great promise of Scripture is not that the Lord plans to destroy his creation and whisk us away; it’s that he plans to redeem it and breathe new life into this fallen world. Join us at RYM 2022 Summer Conferences as we set our sights on the beauty of the new heavens and the new earth and the glory of the work Jesus has already begun through his resurrection by making all things new again.

MHC will send groups to the RYM Florida Middle School Conference (June 27-July 1) and the RYM Florida High School Conference (July 11-16). Register by clicking the appropriate graphic below. Space is limited!