Book of Revelation • 6.21.20 • Matt Vines
June 19, 2020

Book of Revelation • 6.21.20 • Matt Vines

Passage: Revelation 21:9-27
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Bible Text: Revelation 21:9-27 | Speaker: RE Matt Vines | Series: Book of Revelation | In Rev. 21:9-27, John presents a marvelous vision of the New Jerusalem. While we may be tempted to think of the New Jerusalem as a place, John makes it clear that he is talking about a people – the eschatalogical community of the redeemed. He describes the eternal church as a beautiful bride walking down the aisle to meet her groom, Jesus Christ. And she is not only radiant in her beauty, she is also strong, secure and perfect in her holiness. The Lord God dwells within her gates, and the light of his countenance provides abundant illumination for all who are privileged to live there.

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