Book of Revelation • 5.24.20 • Matt Vines
May 22, 2020

Book of Revelation • 5.24.20 • Matt Vines

Passage: Revelation 19:11-21
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Bible Text: Revelation 19:11-21 | Speaker: RE Matt Vines | Series: Book of Revelation | In Rev. 19:11-21, John describes a vision in which the beast and the “false prophet” assemble a great army to do battle against the armies of heaven. But just as we have seen in previous battle scenes, before the enemies of God have a chance to fire their first shot, God secures the victory! And after defeating the beast and false prophet, God takes them and throws them into Lake of Fire, where they will be tormented forever. John then describes a revolting scene where the birds of prey are called down to gorge themselves on the flesh of the dead who are strewn across eschatalogical battlefield, thus fulfilling the prophecy described in Ezekiel 39.

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