Book of Revelation • 5.17.20 • Matt Vines
May 17, 2020

Book of Revelation • 5.17.20 • Matt Vines

Passage: Revelation 19
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Bible Text: Revelation 19 | Speaker: RE Matt Vines | Series: Book of Revelation | Following the catastrophic devastation of “Babylon the Great” described in Rev. 17-18, the scene shifts back to heaven in Rev. 19:1-10. In this passage, John describes a vision of a great multitude singing praises to the Lord. The Lord has judged his enemies and avenged the blood of the saints; therefore, the multitude cries, “Hallelujah!” The multitude also glorifies God because “the marriage of the Lamb has come.” The marriage of Christ to his church is the consummation of God’s redemptive work, and all those who are invited to the wedding banquet will enjoy a celebration beyond anything we can presently imagine.

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