Book of Revelation • 5.10.20 • Matt Vines
May 8, 2020

Book of Revelation • 5.10.20 • Matt Vines

Passage: Revelation 18
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Bible Text: Revelation 18 | Speaker: RE Matt Vines | Series: Book of Revelation | In Revelation 18, John presents six oracles uttered in the aftermath of the fall of “Babylon the Great,” i.e., the City of Rome. Three oracles are uttered by angels of God, and three are uttered by groups who had profited by Rome’s prior success: the kings of the earth, the merchants, and the mariners. In these oracles, we are reminded yet again of the ultimate desolation and ruin to be experienced by those who are rich in the things of this world but are not rich toward God. This passage also reminds us that God is the ultimate sovereign who loves the saints with an undying love, and who will vindicate them on the last day.

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