The overall goal of the youth ministry at Madison Heights Church is to create a community in which students feel at home. If one could be a “fly on the wall” and observe our group week in and week out my hope is that you would see a family that loves, encourages, and strengthens one another. I believe that in this context ministry happens and seeds of faith take root.

Our weekly programming consists of Sunday School, Sunday night, and Wednesday night activities. Our time after the Sunday service and Wednesday nights are set aside for worship and teaching. Sunday night is for fun and games.

This group is the most inviting group of students I have worked with as a youth director. New students can easily come in, meet everyone, and instantly feel like they grew up at Madison Heights Church. These are great kids and they have great parents! Leading the youth ministry is a joy for me!

One very special thing about Madison Heights Church is the copious amounts of children in our church. The fact that our youth ministry is going to grow by leaps and bounds is unavoidable. I hope that in this growth we will continuously retain our community. This shouldn’t be too hard, considering we have a wonderful example, which is the entire congregation of Madison Heights Church. What a community and what a family!

Youth Director