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Faith, Fun, and Children

Madison Heights Church Jesus Loves The Little Children
Madison Heights Church PCA believes that our children are a vital part of the church. We believe with great confidence that children are very dear to our Lord. Our aim is to model God’s love and righteousness in all we say and do. Our desire, as we partner with you, is to guide each child into a deeper understanding of salvation that is through Christ alone. Our deepest longing is to glorify God, as we seek to enjoy Him by knowing more of Him through worship and service.

To help our children develop and grow in their relationship with God and others, we offer:

Children’s Church –

God has blessed Madison Heights with an abundance of little ones. Because the transition from the nursery to the worship service can be a big leap, we offer children’s church for ages three and four. After hearing a special message from the pastor of the church during the service, they are dismissed to the children’s church room to learn more about Christ in a fun, faith-filled environment.

Sunday School –

Sunday School is offered for toddlers through fifth grade.
Classes are divided according to the age or grade. Preschool classes are divided by birthdays. We welcome visitors to any and all of our Sunday School classes. Whether in four year old kindergarten or fifth grade, our desire is show the covenant children of our church that the Bible is one special message of God’s redeeming love for His people.

Balm Squad –

This is uniquely for fourth and fifth graders and is based on Jeremiah 8:22. The Balm Squad meets on the second Sunday evening of every month to hang out, eat, and participate serve others in our church community. The girls meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays for Bible study. The Balm Squad also gets together at other times throughout the year for special events.

Catechism Club –

Catechisms are biblical truths broken up into a series of questions and answers. We believe this is a wonderful approach to teach our children the fundamentals of the faith. We want to encourage parents to work with their children at home to help them memorize these important theological nuggets. Participating children meet with the Children’s Ministry Director to recite what they have learned. Prizes and recognition are given as they reach their age appropriate goals. The children are not limited to learning only those questions and answers in their age division.

Activities –

Throughout the year, a variety of activities are offered for our children, their families, and their friends. We believe that providing times of “fun and fellowship” bring the church to life for our children and help them to see following Christ is an adventure!