Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to email us if you have any additional questions:

What Should I Expect The First Time I Visit?

When you enter the front door of the church, there will be a greeter there to meet you with a worship bulletin (this will guide you through the service). The service typically lasts an hour and fifteen minutes. We will not ask you to stand and shake anyone’s hand or spotlight visitors in any shape, form, or fashion. Dress is casual.

Does MHC Have A Children’s Ministry?

The spiritual growth of our children is something that is very important to us. We have worked hard to establish a fun and meaningful and loving environment for our kids, which is faithful to God’s Word. Truly, it is one of the top priorities of Madison Heights.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email our Children’s Director. Furthermore, please visit the Kingdom Kids section of the website!

Do You Offer A Nursery?

Yes, we offer a nursery for children up to three years of age. Children three and older attend worship with their families. During the service, there is a special message for them led by the pastor of the church. Afterward, three and four year olds are dismissed to Children’s Church.

What Is The Worship Like At MHC?

The one thing that we hear over and over at Madison Heights from visitors is how much we use the Bible in worship. This is important to us because this is how God’s people are reminded of their acceptance and forgiveness. Practically speaking, there are a few things you can say about our service. First, the sermon will be focused on a passage of Scripture. Each week, the goal of the pastors is to help you understand God’s message of grace and how it applies to your life. Second, you will be active. We want the congregation to read the Bible, pray the Bible, and sing the Bible because it is life. Third, the music will engage the heart and the mind. We believe that older church hymns, which are so rich theologically, have a place alongside newer songs. We want to embrace the future without neglecting the past.

Do You Belong To A Denomination?

We belong to the PCA, which is one of the fastest growing denominations in the country. Our denomination has a strong commitment to the Bible and the historic beliefs of the Christian faith. We are represented by many churches in the Jackson metropolitan area (Pear Orchard, Highlands, Redeemer, Lakeland, Trinity, etc). Please click here to learn more about our denomination.

How Did Madison Heights Get Started?

In 2004, three churches located around metropolitan Jackson (Pear Orchard, Lakeland, and Highlands) came together with a desire to establish a new church. After careful consideration, it was determined that the Madison-Gluckstadt area would be a perfect location because of the tremendous population growth, economic outlook, and lack of established churches. In 2005, Hunter Brewer left his position as assistant minister at Lakeland in order to start Madison Heights. Understanding the importance of planting new churches, several families from Pear Orchard, Highlands, and Lakeland volunteered to be a part of this new work. On September10th, 2006 we had our first worship service at St. Joseph School. Since then, others have joined the initial core group. On September 16th, 2012, we held our first worship service in our new church home! Currently, we have almost 500 members (men, women, and children). Our vision is to build a church that will have a lasting impact for Christ.